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Some people won't have anything to do with questions. They post up notices with stern warnings to discourage even the most courageous from exercising their curiosity. Graphic designer Lina Khesina (Berlin) and animator/director Olesya Shchukina (St. Petersburg) decided to challenge everybody who doesn't like to answer questions with a new project — Okhrannik spravok ne daet (The guard does not give information) — which works counter its title.

About the first issue

The unique magazine "Okhrannik Spravok ne Daet" continues to answer questions asked and unasked. The theme of the magazine's newest edition is "The Wheel" - about which the issue's collected material spins on one sheet of artfully folded paper.
This time around the new OSND issue was released by publishing house «Boomkniga» in two versions - Russian and German - thanks to the work of some fifty-odd participants. Wandering through the folds of the magazine, you will track down representatives of the animal kingdom practicing a new form of transportation, discover ferris wheels that know how to predict the weather and others that are movie stars, learn how the relationship between humanity and objects in orbit came about, and finally, imagine a world without wheels.

Bigger version

Flip the magazine over and it quickly transforms into a bicycle map of Europe drawn in sections by thirty illustrators from fourteen different countries. The map is based on routes chosen for the EuroVelo project. Eurovelo aims to link Portugal, Russia, and all points in between with a unified network of bike-friendly routes, making even long journeys on two wheels a breeze.

Alexandra Aydynian, Andrej Dubrowskij, Wanja Kilber, Olga Polischuk, Johann Schüt, Olesya Shchukina, Idiosync, Yellowhead

Denis Burtnjak, Asja Wassiljewa, Jekaterina Ivanuschkina, Wanja Kilber, Alissa Maksman, Ingrid Promann, Lina Khesina, Valerie Schlee, Olga Engel

Anton Apchehov, Evgenia Barinova, Сахар Бардои, Ooli, Edik Katykhin, Dmitry Litvin, Olga Marchenko, Masha Susidko

Anya Schiller

Michael Tolmachev (photography)
Karina Eibatova (illustration)


Lina Khesina, Olesya Shchukina

Samuel Weikopf, Maria Steyer

Katerina Kachavina

Masha Susidko

Artem Ignatyev

Adams Caroll, Olga Velikaya, Artem Ignatyev, Maria Klimovskikh, Nikita Litvinov, Dmitry Yakovlev, hela dagen, Chip cavy, nameless mouse, pet shop on Fontanka, 53

EUROVELO MAP: Irina Troitskaya, Mara Piccione, Thereza Rowe, Olesya Shchukina, Ricardo Cavolo , Giulia Sagramola, Mique Moriuchi, Gemma Correll, Kaya Izo, Yulia Yakushova , Jim Pluk, Tibor Kárpáti, Mikko Walamies, Kaye Blegvad, Rick Berkelmans, Dmitry Litvin, Mark Kalinin, Kinga Janiak, Anna Virtanen, Galyna Panchenko, Evgenia Barinova, Diana Vishnevskaya, Valiahmed Popov, Lina Khesina, Eleanor Rudge, Javier López, Anton Apchehov, Artem Ignatyev, Katerina Kachavina


Poster: Katerina Kachavina, photography: Michael Tolmachev, illustration: Karina Eibatova

The second issue of "Okhrannik Spravok ne Daet" was presented on September 24, 2010 at cafe/gallery Mein Haus am See (Brunnestr. 197), accompanied by the music of Yellowhead'а and a friendly mixture of Russian and German speaking locals. In addition to the magazine itself, guests saw a selection of wheel-themed video shorts and an animated film by Thomas Hicks. Wanja Kilber and Anja Braun's tango caused an uproar; their choreography revolved around a bicycle tube, the central element of their performance.

Yellowhead — Das Rad Live Set Fragment

Navigate the map by dragging and zooming in and out.

A larger version of the Eurovelo map was presented in a separate room. Each of the map's thirty individual sections was transferred onto a separate square canvas. Each section of the map could be purchased by recording your contact information in a special book. Learn more about Eurovelo map.
A particularly noteworthy wall near the window was almost completely covered by the «DING-DONG!» exhibition, which featured bicycle bells and illustrations created by artists from Russia and Germany. Just as bicycles transport a person from one side of the city to another, the bicycle bells in the exhibition took on a quality of transmittance, delivering ideas to the audience through their nonstandard surfaces. The accompanying canvasses, themselves continuations of the bicycle bells, featured meditations on the question of bicycle culture spun up over long rides down country lanes. In these works, the bicycle is not a thing in itself, but rather, a symbol of motion, change, travel, and our interactions with both natural and urban spaces.
Several of the illustrators participating in the project created buttons to be sold alongside both issues of OSND on a little table by the door. Each button was one of a kind. And finally, Saeed Ensafi from Iran created a series of postcards centered around unstable equilibrium in moving mechanisms, a separate exhibition in its own right.

OSND would like to thank its partners and sponsors:
Stiftung Deutsch-Russischer Jugendaustausch, JunOst e.V., Deutsch-Russisches Begegnungszentrum, djo — deutsche Jugend in Europa, 56stuff, publisher Boomkniga.

• Projector — address / website
• Borey — Liteyny Prospekt, 58 / website
• Fonoteka — Marata Street, 28
• Sasha i Pasha Workshop — address / website

• Mesto — website
• Chistka Odezhdy — Pevcheskiy pereulok, 1/2 / website

Contact Lina Khesina (+49 178 521-83-71) or Olesya Shchukina

*the price is 2 euros (shipping not included)
Photos and video from the presentation of the second issue.
Sections of the Eurovelo bicycle map.
The whole map, original size.
Illustrations from the DING-DONG! exhibition.

Masha Nebesnaya
Anya Schiller
Katerina Kachavina
Artem Ignatyev
Mark Kalinin
Masha Susidko
Olesya Shchukina
Gregor Dashuber
Samuel Weikopf
Lina Khesina
Wanja Kilber
Anton Apchehov
Galina Panchenko
Anastasiya Andriyashkina
Valerie Schlee
Michael Fedoruk

For more information write to ohrannik.mag@gmail.com or contact the project organizers:

+49 178 521-83-71