Some people won't have anything to do with questions. They post up notices with stern warnings to discourage even the most courageous from exercising their curiosity. Graphic designer Lina Khesina (Berlin) and animator/director Olesya Shchukina (St. Petersburg) decided to challenge everybody who doesn't like to answer questions with a new project — Okhrannik spravok ne daet (The guard does not give information) — which works counter its title.
Photo: Olesya Shchukina

The first issue is focused on milk. Printed at the St. Petersburg publishing house «Boomkniga» on one sheet of skillfully folded paper, this issue of OSND brought together journalists, illustrators, photographers, scientists, and other specialists to contribute to the investigation of this broad topic.
Photo: Anya Shiller

On March 20, 2010, the magazine was unveiled at an exhibition in an abandoned swimming pool hidden underneath Petrikirche (Nevsky Prospect, 22-24. St. Petersburg).

Paper is not always the ideal format for spreading information — its possibilities are somewhat limited. The magazine, therefore, was envisioned to be only a third of the glass of milk. To fill it to the brim, a group of directors, musicians, photographers, animators, and video artists convened in St. Petersburg a week before the exhibition to realize their understanding of the phenomenon of milk. Olga Lovcus and Michael Vagin prepared a performance starring a long legged she-wolf and her three cubs. Participants from the «Liquid Theatre» theatrical collective unfolded a milky world in a secluded corner of the pool. Girls in airy dresses ate ice cream, treating a few lucky audience members to a cone. Their quiet, coffee colored world was a strange image in contrast with the hectic jumble of spectators.
Photo: Anya Shiller

Additionally, the walls of the crumbling pool housed an exhibition of milky illustrations by artists from around the world, including Irana Douer, Galina Panchenko, Alexey Minchenok, Yulia Yakushova, Ricardo Cavolo, Yulia Grigorieva, and Artem Ignatiev. The Wetki project outfitted the pool's artificial ceiling with an installation— creamy white astronauts soaring above the heads of the attendees. Anna Umanets and Oleg Sheplyakov screened an informative multimedia project detailing all of the different kinds of milk in the world

St. Petersburg musician Yellowhead ( constructed the exhibition's musical atmosphere.
Photo: Ira Kartoha

Near the shallow end, milk and cookies were handed out from the window of a cardboard kiosk designed to resemble an enormous carton of milk. Throughout the evening, happy visitors — especially kids — decorated the kiosk with blue and white paint. By the end of the evening it has completely transformed.
Photo: Asya Alexandrova

The cream on top of it all was the screening of a documentary film created during the week by the team of Russian and German artists. The film is composed of interviews with citizens of St. Petersburg, whose narratives are presented as realities supplemented by the language of animation. Guided by questions from Maria Klimovskikh and Ingrid Promann, the subjects recounted moments from their lives connected to milk. Samuel Weikopf, Gregor Dashuber, Valerie Schlee, Polina Nikiforova, Olesya Shchukina, and Lina Khesina created animated episodes for the film. Daniel Karsenti operated the camera; the footage was arranged by director Peter Jeschke.

In total, more than 200 people attended the exhibition, to the delight and surprise of its organizers.

Thanks are due to all who attended the exhibition and purchased a copy of the magazine. With your support, OSND will continue to grow and develop.

OSND would like to thank its sponsors:
Stiftung Deutsch-Russischer Jugendaustausch, JunOst e.V., Deutsch-Russisches Begegnungszentrum, djo — deutsche Jugend in Europa, Petrikirche in Saint Petersburg, publisher «Boomkniga».

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